• Café Koosje

The cosiest (dinner) pub of the Plantage area!

Welcome to the website of Café Koosje


The “new normal” in times of the Coronavirus has brought a lot of changes to Café Koosje. Due to governmental regulations we have to have strict rules to be able to try and keep our guests and our staff healthy.

For now, these are our house rules:

  • Please make a reservation by calling 020-3200817 or wait to be seated when you come to our café
  • We are obliged by the covernment to ask you if you have symptoms of COVID-19, like fever or cough
  • We ask you to leave one name and phone number per table for official governmental survey. This is not mandatory
  • A maximum of 2 people at a table, or only people from the same household can sit at the same table.
  • If you have any health complaints on the day of your reservation or you cannot make the reservation on time, please let us know by calling us: 020-3200817.

You can make reservations by calling 020-3200817 or use the form below.


It’s hard to find a “brown café” this full of character. Koosje is the living room of the young locals of the Plantage area but people from ages 18 through 80 feel at home here.  Visitors of Artis often find Koosje immediately afterwards, hence the ‘nice and chaotic’ atmosphere on Sundays

Lovely terrace with plenty of sun. The bar is at a corner, which allows you to watch the world go by both during  winter as well as  summer. Perfect place to watch and be seen …

Koosje shows how the Plantage area has developed: from a slightly decentralized, musty-stylish neighbourhood (many considered the Waterlooplein as the end of the centre) to a lively neighbourhood in full development with more and more great bars and restaurants.

The menu

Koosje serves breakfast every day from 9 o’clock in the morning! If you’re not an ‘early bird’ you can skip breakfast and have lunch. The sandwiches ‘Stevens’ and ‘Koosje’ are the most popular ones on the menu.

In the evening we serve dinner.

We use fresh, organic and sustainable produce as much as possible.


For now it’s not possible to make reservations for large groups due to government regulations.

If you want to have more information please contact info@koosjeamsterdam.nl or 020-3200817


For now, we only take reservations for 2 people. You can call 020-3200817 or fill in the reservation form, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

If you have any health complaints on the day of the reservation or you can not make the reservation time, please contact us on 020-3200817.

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